Sunomad, the sun shelter 3.0

In 3 words


Photovoltaic shade shelter, light, easy to install and to remove by one person giving many features.


With its double hourglass shape, Sunomad is compact and integrates perfectly into its environment.


Its structure can incorporate many entertaining accessories while remaining autonomous in energy.

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Sunomad's Configurations

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Sunomad's Specifications

(*) optional accessories.


3 m x 3 m x 2,3 m
Height under Sunomad : 2 m
Width between masts : 2,4 m

Existing Solar Kits

Structure integrating solar kits already existing on the market.
Easy access to the panels for cleaning.

Charging devices

The masts have electrical and / or USB plugs to charge electronic devices.

Quick installation

Structure designed to be installed by one person.


Each mast comprises a wheel for easy transport.


The Sunomads can be joined together to form a single large sun shelter.


Integrated into telescopic arms, LED lighting and / or LED call server activated by button integrated in masts.


Attached to telescopic arms, the flow of air produced by the rotation of the blades is sufficient to give the impression of a lower temperature.

Bluetooth speaker*

Take control of the bluetooth speakers and broadcast your music under the Sunomad.

Shelf & storage box*

Accessory to drop off and charge your devices safely.

Backlit panels*

Backlit information or advertising panels.

SunVisio Configuration*

Videoprojection support.
In the near future, an application will be available on iOS and Android to control the Sunomad : roll out the canvas, turn on / off the LEDs, play music...

Sunomad contributes to the
development for the solar car



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